Lots of Milk

Sometimes Mommies have a
hard time producing enough
milk for their babies. Lots
of Milk can help.


What is a "galactagogue?"

A galactagogue or lactation aid, is simply a substance that promotes or increases the flow of mother's milk. Lots of Milk is an all-natural lacatation aid. It contains three herbs that have been used for generations by women all over the world to increase milk flow.



Fenugreek is the main ingredient in Lots of Milk. It is used in food dishes in many countries around the world, for example, in some Indian curries. It is also probably the best known and most widely used natural lactation aid.

Fenugreek has a sweet maple-like aroma and can give breast milk a slight maple smell.

This is normal. Large amounts can lower blood sugar, so people with diabetes should consult their doctors. Fenugreek can also cause minor gas and bloating in some people. If this happens, lower your dosage from 3 capsules to 1 capsule per day, slowly increasing back to 3 capsules to give your body time to adjust.



Fennel is another very commonly used natural lactation aid. It has a sweet licorice or anise flavor. Like fenugreek, it is also used as a food with its bulb, leaves and seeds eaten in various dishes. Fennel is a very popular ingredient in herbal teas.

Fennel soothes the stomach and counteracts the gas and bloating sometimes caused by fenugreek.



Marshmallow root is the third ingredient in Lots of Milk natural lacatation aid.

Marshamallow candy was traditionally made from this root. It is often used to increase the quality of mother's milk and boost the effectiveness of fenugreek.

Like fennel, marshmallow root has the added benefit of soothing the stomach.

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